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Our original program is back + a new special    By: Roger Bull - February 3rd, 2020
Category: Office News
Our original program has always been available, but most patients did not realize it.

As many of you know, we started offering a low carbohydrate program a few years ago. During that time many patients believed that the low carbohydrate program replaced the low fat / low calorie program. It actually was just an additional program that we offered. As part of our analysis of patient progress, we looked at almost a half million patient visits and noticed some trends. One of the most important was that patients on our low fat / low calorie program lost almost twice as much weight as patients on our low carbohydrate program and were able to keep it off. As a result, we are once again making our low fat / low calorie program our primary program since it is easier for most patients to follow and most patients will lose more weight.

What does this mean to you? If you are happy with your current program and are losing weight you should probably stay on it. If you would like to switch to the low fat / low calorie program just let your medical assistant or provider know on your next visit.

We have received some feedback that some patients may have dropped off the low carb program because it was more difficult. If you have not been here in at least one year, we would like to offer the following special:

For all returning patients, come back and try the low fat / low calorie program and we will give you your visits for half price through February. This applies to patients who have not been seen here for weight loss in at least a year. The half price discount applies to two week or more weight loss visits and does not include blood work if needed. Call our office for details or if any questions.

Call us at 792-1966 to schedule an appointment (or request one online at and get back on the program that made us #1 in weight loss.

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